Integration - und Analysesoftware

We offer digital business know-how and combine consulting, advanced training and implementation of your already acquired knowledge.

EAI Technologies:
TIBCO Active Enterprise Suite (BW, EMS, Admin, Web Services, Various Adapters like File, ADB) Business Event, SOAP/HTTP Protocol, Basic HTTP Binding, JMS Transport, SOAP/JMS, WSDL.

Service Areas

  • Software Architectures: Autosar, EuCD
  • Communication Protocols: CAN, LIN, FLEXRAY, I2C
  • Standards: ISO 14229, ISO 15765 -2, ISO 11898, ISO 26262 (Basics)
  • ECUs: Chassis and Suspension ECU, Passive Safety ECU, Gateway(BCM) ECU, Cluster ECU
  • Customers: BMW, Audi AG, Ford, Land Rover, Volvo, Hyundai, Kia Motor Company Great Wall Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Software Components: Bootloader on CAN, Diagnostics on CAN, XCP over Flexray, CStartup(Board Startup Package), Autosar Modules CAN, LIN, CANTRCV, SCHM, PDUR and Complex Driver for signal handling as per functional safety, Application modules such as wipers, washers, defrosters, Parking climate control, Interior Lights, Foldable Head Restraints, Operation Mode Management, Load Management, Firing Loops Management
  • Micro controllers: Infineon, NEC, Renesas, Freescale, Infineon
  • Compilers: Tasking, IAR, Green Hills, Code Warrior, ELXR; Cosmic
  • Debuggers: Trace32(Lauterbach), iSystem IC5000, NEC Multi, HEW
  • Vector Tools: CANApe, CANoe, CANCase, CANAlyzer, CAN Stress, DENALyzer
  • Autosar Configuration Tools: EB Tresos, CESSAR-CT, ECU Spectrum, Vector GenY
  • Configuration Management Tools: MKS Integrity, Rational ClearCase, Totoise SVN, CM Synergy
  • Programming Languages: C, CAPL, Perl (Basics)
  • Knowledge of SEI CMMI Level 5 and Auto Spice practice and principles


  • Application Servers: IBM WebSphere , JBoss, Tomcat 5.x.
  • Programming Languages: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, UML.
  • Database Technologies: Oracle 9i, MySql
  • IDE: RAD, Eclipse, Net Beans.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux
  • Source Control: SVN, GIT
  • Methodologies: UML, OOAD, Waterfall model, Agile.
  • Others: Microsoft Visio, ANT, Shell scripting, Rational Rose, Putty, winSCP